Honor The Treaties [Film]

“We are numb to things because there is so much white noise, but art can remind people they need to care.”

– Shepherd Fairey, artist

This is a moving insider look at the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, with help from photojournalist Aaron Huey, artist Shepherd Fairey, and videographer Eric Becker.

Honor the Treaties | The Film from eric becker on Vimeo.

I failed, for a long time…in not telling the story right. In some ways, poor places are easy to photograph. It’s a sad thing because I think that’s why people don’t go very deep, because you can go into a place that’s in rough shape and make pretty textural photographs. That’s what a lot of the stories about Pine Ridge are: pretty pictures about ugly things like gangs and violence. No one looks into how we got there.

– Aaron Huey, photojournalist


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