Young Love – Kye Kye

Hailing from Camas, WA, Kye Kye (formerly Paper Rings) recently accompanied Future of Forestry on their Advent Christmas tour. For the time being, Kye Kye are a group of siblings – and a fiancé. On tour, they released the preliminary copies of this album, entitled Young Love and produced by none other than Future of Forestry frontman Eric Owyoung. 

Young Love is a fantastic album that reads a little like romantic poetry. Set to enchanting, flowing electro-indie-pop melodies, Young Love is a collection of intimate reflections on the band’s own relationships with God. This downtempo glitch-pop album is replete with interesting loops and rhythms, and beautiful, soaring harmonies. Lead singer Olga’s voice captivates, carrying real power on this recording. The instrumentation evokes serenity and optimism, seeking elevated perspective as described in “Rooftops”. In this album’s stillest moments, like the quiescent “Walking This”, the sound is like an aquatic current – deceptively quiet for the power that lies beneath in the emotions and expressions of the music and lyrics. At other times, like in “Knowing This” the instrumentation manages to conjure images of a lightshow with the song’s field of energetic synths and percussion.

Strict musical merits aside, Young Love is lyrically noteworthy too, due to their way of drawing Scripture into their lyrics with original and profound authenticity. Especially with Christian music, there is a pitfall to force or fake spirituality and profundity, which can come off as insincere, but Young Loveleaves no such impression, its music and lyrics effortlessly flowing true to form. There are reasons aplenty to give Kye Kye a try.


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