Home Life [Album]

It’s a little rough around the edges, but I made it for you all. Love, Craig.


Story & Style: Teaching Resources I’ve Created

I’m a huge supporter of free enterprise and digital sharing. I commend educators who are carving out their spare time and pouring in their energy to creating high quality education products and distributing them through e-commerce.

My sister’s French teaching store is becoming very successful on Teachers Pay Teachers, and she encouraged me to create one too. My focus is high school English and Social Studies (Humanities). If it helps you, I’m glad!


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An Interview with Bruce Cockburn

I had the sincere privilege of meeting with Bruce Cockburn for an hour this winter. We talked taboo: faith and politics, and discussed his recently published memoir Rumours of Glory (HarperCollins). Visit http://convergemagazine.com/interview-with-bruce-cockburn-15500/ for the story.